5 Creative Ideas to Add to Your Next Company Event

You have the venue, the date, the food and the drinks settled. What now?

We’ve rounded up these incredible elements you can incorporate in your next company party that are sure to be a hit.

The Party Theme

Themes not only make a party come across as put together in the eyes of your VIPs, but they’re also a cool way to stay organized. Having a theme keeps you focused on what kind of food to order and how to decorate the venue space. It’s also a great way to pay homage to the occasion or the holiday that you are celebrating.

Some of our favorite party themes are Cinco de Star Wars Themed Party (Yup! we’ve combined these two awesome national holidays for one grand party celebration and it’s been awesome), Unicorn Themed Party, and Avocado Party

You can view more party themes in our Experience Catalog.

Popular Dessert Rotations

In addition to the usual spread or catering at your event, we highly recommend fun and trendy dessert stations. Having these fun and quirky food stations will not only get everyone excited but they will also speak volumes about your creativity as the event coordinator and planner. Plan these ahead of time, having the venue option in mind, to make sure that there’s enough space for them at the event. Take also into consideration the theme of the event, to keep these stations relevant and complementary to the food that you serve.

Some of our  favorites are Donut Wall, Rainbow Bagels, Matcha Bar, Italian Ices or Nitrogen Ice Cream Rolling.


The party entertainment of any event is probably one the few elements that really leaves a mark on your guests. Which is why we recommend hiring and booking only the best host or DJ. We’ve taken the liberty of curating and triple-vetting them for you. We also have other more interactive forms of fun event entertainment you can choose from.

We recommend that you look into unique ones like the 360 Degree Photo Booth, Trick Bartender, or if fitting to the event, perhaps it would be a great idea to support talented performers from an area school.

Virtual Reality

Tech is definitely on the rise. A favorite experience people love to add to their company party are virtual reality stations. Guests prove eager to line up to see the simulated and computer-generated environment. Here’s a chance to elevate any venue, bringing everyone to places beyond your imagination.


For corporate anniversaries and company team-building events, we couldn’t recommend these exciting branding items enough. Ordinary items like bottled waters and table napkins can be customized. We also have cocktails, cookies and dessert toppers on which we can incorporate your awesome company logo.

For more information on these fun corporate party elements, contact Confetti.

Stay Tuned!

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