Seven Adorable Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Work

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Whether or not you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day, this holiday is a fun excuse to show appreciation and love to the awesome team that makes the office world go round. It can be as simple as leaving a chocolate bar on each of your team member’s desks or sending an email to thank them for their contribution. From our experience, there are a number of other adorable ways that you can make your coworkers feel that they are a valuable contributor to the company:

Host a hearty Breakfast Station for everyone.

Begin the day with something everybody loves – breakfast. You can set up a breakfast station where they can get their coffee, waffles, and eggs. Other breakfast staples can also be included like fruits, pancakes, bacon, and sausages. This is a pretty great way to make sure everyone has a full heart (and stomach)!

Rent massage chairs and hire a physical therapist for the day.

Give everyone a much-needed pampering with 3-4 massage chairs and a professional masseuse. Everyone will be able to have a 20-30 minute turn – a short but sweet session where they can relax and de-stress.

Create a ‘Happy Wall’ where every team member can share what they love about their job.

Have a boring wall in the office that HR would be willing to transform into something fun and positive? Wekudo can help you organize a collaborative office mural project. If painting an entire wall isn’t an option, you can set up a huge cork board or blackboard where the team can pin notes about what they love about their job. It can also be a place where you put your favorite clients’ testimonies and some positive reviews that your team has gotten over the months. This wall is a great way not only to add some personality to the office, but also to reminisce what it is that makes work worth getting up in the morning for.

Organize a sweet Valentine’s Day Party

Cover the office with red or pink decorations. You can also encourage everyone on the team to wear red accessories to commemorate the day. Of course the party wouldn’t be complete without food and an open bar. If you’re feeling extra, you can add something fancy like a Wine Tasting Session or Chocolate Truffle Making Session.
Organize a Valentine’s Day-themed game day.

Borrow the boardroom for an hour or two and host a Valentine’s Day-themed game night. This can be a customized trivia game or a mini Jeopardy in the office. To complete the night, play a cheesy rom-com movie or a Netflix movie on the projector. You can also set up a popcorn station or a snack bar free for everyone who participates. Invite the romantics on the team and you’re sure to have a good time!
Donate and plan an outreach program with your coworkers.

Get involved with a local charity to spread the love even further! For a fun team-building activity, plan an outreach event where most of the team can participate. Make some sandwiches with the team to give to homeless shelters or put together bikes to donate to a local children’s charity.

From experience, it’s always great to have more than one option to get involved so your team will have the option to donate time or funds.

Have Puppies In The Office!

Encourage everyone to bring their pets or better yet, call your local Animal Rescue Shelter and spend the day with dogs and puppies who need a new home. Who knows, you might meet the new furry love of your life here.

These activities can be made possible with the Wekudo team. Visit our page here and plan the heartiest office event yet.

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